Tobacco Products Addiction Overview

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Many people start smoking tobacco products in their teenage years. It becomes difficult to quit smoking tobacco because of the presence of addictive substances like nicotine. Tobacco products can become as addictive as cocaine or heroin. It is necessary to stop addiction to tobacco products to avoid the harmful effects.

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Elaborate Discussion About Tobacco Products Addiction

Many people are addicted to tobacco products and are in denial. Some of them are social tobacco users. It means that they smoke in social gatherings or when they are out with friends.

A reason behind the rise in the number of tobacco addicts is its glamorous representation. The tobacco industry creates advertisements that make tobacco seem like something appealing. Teenagers often start smoking in their pursuit to look cool. Gradually, it grows into an addiction.

It's Time To Give A Farewell To Tobacco Addiction!

Symptoms Of Tobacco Products Addiction

Some typical symptoms of tobacco products addiction are as follows.

  • Consuming increased amounts of tobacco products.
  • Trying to quit but unable to.
  • Cravings for using tobacco products at frequent intervals.
  • Continued use of tobacco products despite experiencing health issues.

Trying to quit tobacco products becomes difficult, in this process, people start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms include the following.

  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Sleeping difficulties.
  • Low mood.
  • Frustration and irritability.
  • Increased appetite leading to weight gain.

People addicted to tobacco products experience psychological triggers which increase their cravings. Some common triggers include stress, post meal cravings, drinking and driving.

Tobacco Products Addiction Is Dangerous. Get Rid Of It Fast!

Health Risks Of Tobacco Products Addiction

People who are regular users of tobacco products are at risk of many health issues. Some of the common health risks of tobacco products addiction are as follows

  • Infertility.
  • Asthma.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Heart and lung diseases.
  • Mouth cancer.
  • Stroke.

A few short-term effects of using tobacco products are listed below.

  • Fatigue.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Bad breath.
  • Coughing.
  • Decreased sense of taste and smell.
  • Shortness of breath.

Death rates from tobacco-related products are high every year. Many people try to quit these products knowing the harmful effects.

Cancer is one of the most significant health risks of using tobacco products. Tobacco products contain carcinogenic chemicals which can cause cancer and alter DNA. Carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco lead to abnormal cell growth leading to malignant tumours.

Female smokers face several problems related to childbirth, such as giving birth to stillborns. Smoking during pregnancy often increases the risk of having low birth weight babies. In many cases, Menopause comes three years earlier to smokers than non-smokers.

Abhasa Has A Wide Range Of Facilities To Help You

Our Facilities

Explore the facilities at our rehabilitation centre and decide if it's a suitable place to begin your treatment of smoking addiction recovery.

  • Green surroundings: Our rehabilitation centre is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Patients can connect with nature, as man and nature go hand in hand. The patients are also encouraged to take care of the greenery around them at Abhasa.
  • Clean and comfortable space: The cleaning staff keeps the center dirt free and hygiene is our utmost priority. The authorities ensure all the time that the patients are comfortable.
  • Constant care: Patients at Abhasa are given constant care and attention. Nurses are present round the clock to look after the needs of the patients. doctors visit on regular basis for checkups and minutely analyse the symptoms and ensure that the patients get effective treatment.
  • Security and surveillance: The environment at Abhasa is safe and secure. Every nook and corner of the rehabilitation centre has CCTV surveillance. Outsiders are not allowed inside the premises, and patients records are not accessible by third parties as it is kept confidential.

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Our Experience

Many patients have recovered from their tobacco products addiction by seeking help from the experts at Abhasa. Being one of the leading rehabilitation centres in the country, Abhasa has the best interests of patients in mind. You can only expect the best treatment from us to get rid of your tobacco products addiction. All the medical practitioners at the institute are well-trained to provide the best patient care.

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Our Treatment

At Abhasa, we combine a few unconventional methods of therapy with cognitive behavioural therapy to help patients recover from tobacco products addiction. Some of the unconventional methods of treatment are as follows.

  1. Meditative Walking:

    Patients learn to transform walking into meditation and manage stress effectively. Meditative walking increases mindfulness and awareness about one's surroundings. Patients learn to reframe triggers of cravings as tolerable thoughts.

  2. Pottery:

    Many users of tobacco say that they smoke to manage stress. Pottery is a better alternative for managing stress. Patients are given pottery classes where they learn to develop self expression, which provides respite from intrusive thoughts. It is considered a healthy way to vent out one's pent up emotions.

  3. Outdoor Games:

    Patients at Abhasa are encouraged to participate in outdoor games. The games promote bonding and a sense team work among the patients. The patients need to realise that they are not alone in the journey to get rid of tobacco products addiction.


Can the use of tobacco products affect your teeth?


A common side-effect of using tobacco products is yellowing of teeth and other dental issues. You can have receding gums or plaque, which will indicate you smoke.

Can smoking alleviate stress?


People often smoke because it helps in calming their nerves. However, smoking increases tension and can often lead to anxiety attacks.

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Addiction to tobacco products is hard to quit, but it's not impossible. If you are tired of nicotine patches and other methods, give us a call to become successful at quitting tobacco product addiction.