Personality Disorder (Cluster A, Cluster B, Cluster C) Overview

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Individual personality disorders involve improper thinking, behavior, and functioning. The affected person cannot perceive or relate to the scene or persons..

In some cases, the patient is unaware of this condition as their behavior and conduct seem natural to them –and they blame others for the challenges they face—this development causes immense problems in social settings, school, work, and relationships.

A personality disorder usually surfaces in the teenage years and early adulthood. Modern psychology has divided these symptoms into ten different conditions.

There are several personality disorders – and we at Abhasa provide the most comprehensive treatment for personality disorder symptoms. With time, some of the symptoms become less obvious throughout middle age. Nevertheless, treatment should start without any delay.

Knowing In-Depth About Personality Disorders

A detailed discussion about personality disorders

Personality disorders were reported by psychiatrist Philippe Pinel in the 1800s when he described a condition in which patients exhibited intense outbursts of rage without psychosis.

By the end of the century, psychologists had identified and pinpointed seven anti-social personality traits and coined the term "psychopathic personality."

In the following years, understanding this "psychopathic personality" evolved into including ten different conditions. Specialists sort the disorders into three clusters – A, B, and C. The personality disorders in each group share some characteristics.

The distribution of these disorders are explained in the table below:

Cluster type Characteristics Personality disorders included
A Peculiar and weird conduct. Paranoid schizoid, and schizotypal personality disorder.
B Unreasonably emotional, theatrical, or impulsive conduct. Anti-social personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder.
C Anxious, awful thinking or behavior. Dependent and Avoidant personality disorder, OCD

We at Abhasa provide the appropriate treatments for personality disorder symptoms and keep watch over their progress constantly.

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The symptoms of personality disorders

The table below contains some of the symptoms of the personality disorders in each cluster.

Cluster type Personality disorders Symptoms
A Schizoid personality disorder Disinterested in public and individual relationships, favoring solitude
Restricted emotional range
Paranoid personality disorder Persistent disbelief and suspicion of others and their motives
A baseless belief that others trying to hurt or betray you
Unjustified fear of the loyalty or trustworthiness of others.
Schizotypal personality disorder Strange dress, thinking, beliefs, speech, or behavior
Unusual insight and experiences
Inappropriate or flat emotional responses
Social anxiety and a lack of near relationships.
B Anti-social personality disorder Indifference for others' requests or feelings
Persistent lying, theft, using aliases, defrauding others
Repeated problems with the law
Recurrent violation of the others’ privileges.
Borderline personality disorder Thoughtless and dangerous behavior
Unbalanced or delicate self-image.
Unstable and intense relationships.
Flickering moods, a lot due to personal stress.
Miserable behavior or self-injury terrorizations.
Narcissistic personality disorder The unsubstantiated.
belief of inflated self-importance.
Illusions of grandeur.
Unsuccessful to recognize others' needs and feelings.
Histrionic personality disorder Attention seeking.
Excessively sensitive, histrionic, improper attention-seeking behavior.
Melodramatic but verifiable fact-less speech with a strong opinion.
Easily influenced by others.
Superficial, speedily changing emotions.
The extreme worry with the physical look.
Imagined closeness with personal relationships.
C Avoidant personality disorder Unaccepting of criticism or rejection.
Unaccepting of criticism or rejection.
Avoiding interpersonal contact-needing work and personal activities
Socially reserved, nervous, and lonely.
Severe shyness in social situations and personal relationships.
Fear of dissatisfaction, humiliation, or ridicule.
Dependent personality disorder Unwarranted dependency on others and feeling the need to be taken care of
Obedient or insecure behavior.
Fear of having to provide self-care.
Absence of self-assurance.
Needing undue advice and encouragement from others to make all decisions.
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder Obsession with particulars, organization, and guidelines.
Dysfunctional perfectionism.
Distress if a project doesn’t meet self-imposed standards.
Controlling nature and reluctance to delegate tasks.

Personality disorders can considerably upset the lives of the affected person and their loved ones – causing problems with relationships, work, or school, and leading to social isolation, alcohol or drug abuse.

How Abhasa Will Help to Recover

At Abhasa, we constantly evaluate and monitor our individualized and modern treatments to optimize the recovery of our patients. Their symptoms characterize the different conditions of personality disorder.

Our skilled and learned doctors and counselors conduct a thorough study of the patient and then suggest the most effective, personalized, and applicable treatment for them according to the personality disorder symptoms they exhibit.

Our Facilities

Along with the most effective treatment for personality disorder symptoms, we provide the following facilities:

  • Calm and serene residential setting
  • Games, gym, and swimming pool to relax and improve the body.
  • All-time security arrangements
  • Proficient team of doctors and counselors.
  • Access to most modern medicines.

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Our Experience

At Abhasa, we have skilled teams of highly qualified professional counselors, therapists, doctors, and nurses 24x7 to provide the most intensive support for personality disorder symptoms. Apart from treating them for the detrimental effects, we offer our patients restorative psychoanalysis to speed the recovery process.

Our Treatment Methods

We utilize the most modern and individualized treatment for the personality disorder symptoms present in our patients. This condition is long-standing and may require time before a complete cure. We provide the following treatments according to your symptoms:

  • Psychotherapy – individual or group therapy
  • Medications
  • Anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety tablets.

We also provide certified and excellent residential programs.


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We are the most preferred institution for the treatment of personality disorder symptoms. Along with the best modern medicines, we also arrange for a stress-free homely environment with tasty and nutritious food, a gym, indoor and outdoor games in a secured setting.

How is your security?


We have round-the-clock human security present along with a state-of-the-art digital surveillance system. We keep the records of the patient and their treatment confidential.

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