It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for people affected to choose the right facility for them. They believe they are purchasing a pig in a poke. You can test-drive a vehicle, put on a garment, and tour a residence. However, psychotherapy is very vague.

What factors matter? Who is competent, and who is merely a money-making machine? Especially when considering rehabilitation costs in the five-figure range for a week, one should not make rash judgements, as advance payments are typically required and refunds are not always provided in the event of therapy cancellation or non-attendance.

On the market, expensive rehabilitation centres are proliferating like mushrooms. There are numerous imitators who sniff fast profits. People in distress are in a dire position and require urgent, compassionate assistance. If this is provided, the substantial financial commitment is likewise justified. Indeed, extremely privatised institutions accomplish remarkable feats.

What you should look out for

Ranking sites: Take a hard look at websites that rank rehabilitation clinics. Who is the website's owner? If the same clinic is consistently rated with five stars regardless of whether you are searching in Europe, overseas, or Asia, it is likely that the clinic's owner developed the ranking site himself. And the competition receives only two or three stars. The factors upon which this conclusion is frequently not evident. It does not cost much to construct such a website, but a high search engine ranking is essential for generating a substantial amount of traffic.

Different locations: Different locations make a difference, but they are not required for a reputable school. On the surface, a website that lists London, Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles makes an impact. However, there is a problem if the same telephone number is consistently provided as the contact.

Too-large institutions or clinic chains cannot ensure great quality in the premium segment. It is more accurate to say "little yet nice."

Non-existent clinics: Advertising slogans such as "the most expensive clinic in the world" may be memorable and attract the attention of those who are interested. If you expand your research, which you should always do, the following considerations are crucial: Exists the Founding Father? Is there a medical director, and is he a physician? Investigate whether trademarks for various therapies and ideas are listed with the most imaginative names; if a trademark is protected, it must also be registered in the trademark register! Videos and images generated with 3D animation from Shutterstock and comparable sources may be entirely fake.

Lastly, a very simple test of basic skills: call there! Does someone answer the telephone?

Damage to reputation on the internet: Regrettably, this also occurs. Is a negative Google review serious? What additional testimonials has this individual provided, and for which companies?

Photos of staff: Exists a team? Again, with real-world names? A website on which not a single team member is visible warrants caution. Individuals frequently do not work or no longer work for this organisation.

Does a large number of employees permit judgements that are more "quantity than quality"-oriented?

Personal contact: Whenever possible, personally visit the institution. Gain your own perspective on the management of the clinic. Thus, you can determine whether or not you feel comfortable with the people you will be matched with. Examine the resumes to determine the qualifications of the individuals. What level of expertise do they possess? A 30-year-old will never have the same level of experience as a 50-year-old.

Ask questions! There are no silly inquiries. And take your time making a decision.

Call if a site visit is not possible, as is frequently the case. What is your impression of the

How do you feel about the information you receive? Is someone truly available 24 hours a day, or do you get an answering machine? Can you communicate effectively? Are you provided with the assistance of a translator? Or do you have difficulty understanding the person operating the phone? How simple is it to reach the doctor in charge?

If the above options are unavailable, send an email. How long does it take to receive an answer? Do they respond to you, or do you receive a generic response?

Personal recommendation: This is always desirable but regrettably uncommon in psychiatry. Nobody enjoys discussing their experience with mental health luxury rehabilitation. In contrast, aesthetic surgery and spinal disc surgery, to give two examples, are vastly different.

This does not make matters simpler! In addition, the number of individuals who can afford such a pricey treatment is extremely limited.

That is why bad news about a clinic rarely spreads. Because you would feel ashamed if you had to go through anything similar at a time in your life when you desperately needed professional assistance. In addition to feeling much worse, you have also lost a substantial amount of money.

Please keep in mind that the clinic that worked well for your neighbour may not be ideal for you.

What can we conclude from this? Not always is the most expensive clinic the best. And sadly, the most gorgeous website does not necessarily represent the quality and seriousness behind it. Please devote ample time to perusing the website in depth and contacting its administrators directly.

In the end, your most valuable asset, either you or a family member, is at stake. Do not be scared to pay a sum commensurate with a service's calibre, as you will obtain great outcomes. But examine it thoroughly and leave it alone if uncertain! Consider whether there is "more appearance than reality" portrayed. Not everything that glitters is gold.

It will take you around 30 minutes to comprehend the treatment concept and determine the cost. Pay close attention to the clinic's qualifications. Which conditions are being treated?

What is thirty minutes compared to years of suffering? Nothing. What are 4-to-12-week stays? Nothing if the intended quality of life is restored thereafter. The body and spirit require time to heal.

A failure to commit time can result in catastrophic consequences. Once trapped, it is difficult to escape.

Prepared by: Ms.Nivedha L. Narayanan, Centre Head at Abhasa Rehabilitation and Wellness Home
LinkedIn Id: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nivedha-l-narayanan-1781b6120/