All our activities are meant to connect with the natural resources bestowed by the Almighty. Along the way, we find a way to cope with our addiction, disorders and emerge as a better version of ourselves.

What activities are available at the Mumbai wellness centre?

  • Outdoor activities
  • We encourage everyone to express in different ways through the recreational activities available at Abhasa. The 2-acre landscape provides ample opportunities for residents to indulge in healthy outdoor activities. Be it cycling, hiking, trekking, or mindful walking, we leave it up to you to choose one of the many forms of outdoor activities we have at Abhasa.

  • Recreational activities
  •  Do you want to express yourself in ways like theatre, music, dance, painting, poetry, or pottery? Then Abhasa is the perfect place for you. You can maximise the benefits of your body, mind, and spirit from many recreational activities that are accessible at Abhasa.

  • Campfire & Barbeque
  • Do you want to experience the crackling/ sputtering embers of a campfire? Here we are! to

    At Abhasa, we gather around on a calm evening and regale each other with stories that inspire others and bring a smile. We work collectively to eliminate negative thoughts., As a result, one remains positive and occupied, which can lead to cope better with the addiction and disorders.

  • Music and Bands

    We also have live music and bands. From our own experience of musical melodies we can address most of our physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs which can guide us towards positive healing. At Abhasa, you can bring out the best version of yourself with singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument – the choice is yours.

  • Evening Celebration

    We make sure that all residents experience the magic called ‘life’. We hold different evening celebration sessions. We get together on a perfectly splendid evening under the calm blue sky and amidst greenery. This place is ideal for preparing your mind to replace your negative thoughts with cheerful positive vibes.

  • Organic and Herbal garden
  • You can take up gardening as a serene way to find the connection with your inner self. When you get down to gardening, you carry out an activity with meaning and purpose. The time spent on gardening helps you stay away from negative thoughts and stressful moments. As a result, you are able to manage mental stress better.

  • Meditative walking
  • At Abhasa, we encourage you to indulge in mindful walking. This activity offers a great time for inner reflection. Walking in peace around the green meadows and clear blue sky soothes an anxious mind and gives rise to positive thoughts. You may find this to be a powerful technique to overcome your addiction and stay away from the negative triggers that lead to problems and disorders.

  • Pottery
  • Rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul connection by taking up pottery sessions. Let your hands glide smoothly to create something out of the reddish-brown paste of clay. The meditative flow of working with clay works wonders to focus the mind from distracting, stressful thoughts.

  • Artwork
  • From crafting a self-care jar to putting brush strokes to a blank canvas, many artwork options are available at our centre. These work with a sole goal to help you overcome your addictions and keep your mind away from the triggers that can harm you. You are free to try out painting, sketching, or other forms of art and craft as a part of your rehab session.

  • Pet Therapy
  • Happy

    Meet Happy, just like his name he really is a bundle of sunshine that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love

     Pet therapy is one more initiative we have at Abhasa. The interaction with these adorable ones will bring about a new perspective to life, breaks down barriers to communication and helps in increasing confidence. The small paws, wagging tails, and bright eyes are sure to help in distressing you. This way, pet therapy works wonders to rebuild your life, one day at a time.

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • We help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and decrease your craving for harmful substances with yoga and meditation. It helps in mental clarity, calmness and increases body awareness. Yoga and meditation can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing. As a result, life becomes much easier and meaningful.

  • Bird feeding and bird watching
  • Do you enjoy the feeling of being one with nature by feeding birds? Then, Abhasa will be the perfect retreat. The perfectly serene landscape of the foothills of Lonavala, in Karjat, Mumbai, remains untouched by human influence. Hence it draws a lot of birds to flock together. This surreal sight can come in handy in your attempt to overcome addiction and disorders when you stay at the centre. Feed the birds with your own hands and experience the magical calmness that engulfs you in the process.

  • Sun Set point
  • Nothing beats the visual aesthetic of a glorious sunset. It depicts the decline of your dependence on your illness, addictions, and conditions. It also brings with a ray of hope – that tomorrow will be much better than today. Enjoy your sip of tea watching the majestic sunset descending behind the lofty mountains surrounding the peaceful heaven known as Abhasa Rehabilitation Centre, Mumbai.

  • Trekking
  • Pump up your adrenaline with a session of mountain trekking. Your sweat can prove to be a welcome change to energise you from inside out. Accelerate the healing and transformation process with treks. These trials are not just scenic beauties. They also serve to heal a scarred psyche. This will help recharge your endeavour and deeply enjoy the adventure.

  • Nature Walk
  • See the soft touch of grass and morning dew have a tranquilising effect on your feet and your body. Put on your walking gear and be ready for a captivating session of walks elmids the lush greenery. Say welcome to the rising sun, and be prepared to embrace the bounties offered by Mother Nature.

  • Fishing
  • Go for the peaceful activity of fishing by the riverside. The natural serenity offered by the clam waters will work wonders to lessen your stress and rejuvenate yourself. We will feel the readiness to connect with the whole living world and take on the rigours of life with such outdoor activities at our rehabilitation centre.

  • Cycling
  • Hike up the tranquil and green trails of the mountains surrounding the Abhasa wellness retreat. As you keep pushing the pedals, you exercise your body. More than that, you find a way to connect with your inner self and manage your condition better. It is truly a workout for the mind, body, and soul. Go for cycling and come back re-energised.

  • Revitalizing activity for healing, development and growth Ayurvedic massage and cognitive Aromatherapy are holistic healing treatments that rejuvenate the mind and body, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. Authentic Ayurvedic massage expunges toxins from the body, strengthens muscles and joints, while nourishing the skin. This is great in relieving subdued stress and pain in the body and also promotes deeper sleep. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts which activate our sensory and olfactory organs through sweet and subtle fragrances, thus rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.

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