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At Abhasa, our empathic team of therapists and counsellors help you overcome all life’s tribulations. Get back to the zest of living life to the fullest by getting a customized treatment option for your specific case.

Our rehabilitation centre situated in Maharastra is equipped to help you identify specific issues around health and wellness. This helps us provide the right treatment regime that shows noticeable results. We have created a serene and luxurious atmosphere in a ‘one of its kind’ wellness resort. This USP helps you in complete de-addiction and detoxification process.

With its dedicated staff and proven track record, Abhasa is the wellness resort you can truly benefit from.

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World-class rehabilitation centre is now nearer than you think.

The holistic rehab centre is located at the foothills of Lonavala, in Karjat, Mumbai . Spread across 2 acres of lush greenery, you can look forward to the idyllic setting to recover from addiction, stress, and troubles from toxins. You are free to choose from a range of accommodation options at our wellness rehab centre. They include suite rooms, deluxe rooms, twin sharing, three sharing, or six sharing depending on your preferences.

Say hello to luxurious and empathic rehabilitation program, driven with a singular purpose i.e – to help restore your mental wellness for better mind-body balance.

About Karjat

Karjat is Situated about 62 km from Mumbai, the quaint hill station is the complete opposite of the metropolis’ hustle and bustle. Here, you can visit temples, experience the serenity of age-old caves and soothing lush greenery.

The rainy seasons transform the hill station town into a rich blanket of mesmerizing greenery. Places like Morbe Dam, Bahri Caves, and Ulhas Valley elevate the enchanting experience that awaits you at Karjat.

Therapies that soothe the mind, body and soul

See a list of therapies available at our alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

  • Art therapy,
  • Movement therapy
  • Meditative Walking around the organic and herbal garden
  • Pet Therapy
  • Pottery
  • Recreational Activities
    • Swimming Pool
    • Bird Watching in their natural environs
    • Massage and Spa
    • Music Therapy
    • Fishing
    • Cycling

These therapies enable nature to speed up the healing process at Abhasa.

Why our centre is ideal for your self-introspection and healing goals?

At Abhasa, we use approaches like cognitive behaviour therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. This way, we act as your confidant. We help you banish the substances that prevent you from being a better version of ‘you’.

Our location in picturesque of Western Ghats will help in your holistic recovery amidst lush greenery. This is one more example of our efforts towards providing a comprehensive environment to accelerate self-healing. Our collective endeavours help elevate the degree of wellness you feel from within.

Be in seamless harmony with your mind and body

We know that every person needs a different approach and personalized guidance on the road to recovery. We make the road as smooth as possible with our capabilities in mental health and wellness therapy. We use a blend of approaches like dietary modifications, nature walks, and meditation. This way, you see a better version of ‘you’ emerging from within. Be one with the universe and eliminate the reasons for sorrow that engulf your life.

Our biggest asset that drives all-round recovery and personal growth is our team of mental health and wellness experts. They are the empathic experts you need to make a 360-degree transformation of the mind and body. We bring together our years of learning and practical application of mental wellness approaches. As a result, you can be assured of being in the capable hands of the best team of Abhasa.

We strongly believe in the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. It states that the body needs to eliminate all types of toxins. Only then, will it be in perfect sync with the mind, body, and soul. We know, that, no one shoe will fit all. Hence, our course of healing at the drug de-addiction centre works wonders for your recovery. They are curated keeping in mind your specific case and distinct treatment approach.

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You no longer have to escape reality and get entangled in a web of addiction and substance abuse. Embrace the gift of life with complete healing with comprehensive therapies driven by Abhasa’s expert wellness practitioners.

Get an understanding, empathic, and trusted wellness advocate at Abhasa – your preferred rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. Contact us to know more on how you can re-calibrate the journey called ‘life’.


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