Abhasa in Sanskrit means “Constant Exercise”. It is a practice that brings stillness to one’s mind and which we believe is a practice for those who take the route of recovery from any form of addiction and mental health disorders. We at Abhasa Rehabilitation Centre provide a wellness retreat to the ones who have taken a step towards de-addiction and mental health related issues by understanding their mindset from the roots and take care of them with integrity in a luxurious environment by a panel of experts. We lend our hands to each and everyone who is wanting to step out of any form of addiction and be their support system until they completely recover and see the better things in life.

Why Abhasa?

  • Location: Situated in the Western Ghats, the greenery, climate and the pollution-free environment add as a major factor contributing to healing and recovery.
  • Holistic Approach towards recovery: We believe in addressing the root of the problem that leads to addiction and mental health disorders than to just suppress the urges and this is done with the help of therapy, diet and other physical activities such as nature walks, meditation etc.
  • Customized Treatment: Every individual is different and the recovery program is based on keeping in mind one’s preferences and choices in life to help them get the maximum benefit.
  • Support, Care and Love: The last thing a person who is recovering from addiction and mental health disorders need is for someone to remind them of the bad days. We provide maximum support and care to people who have decided to step out of their problems and lend our hands to the better things in life. We take in only selected number of people so that we can take personalized care of our clients and give them a family-like set up.


To de-stigmatize and eliminate blemishes surrounding mental health and addiction, aiming to achieve our purpose through building a holistic community and customised treatment approach that aids in healing and recovery.


To establish a comprehensive footprint that would widen our reach and open our doors to aid in recovery for the needy with a compassionate, holistic and customised treatment approach.